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Hi, I am a Storyteller.

Also known as Sophie. I am a doting mama of two gorgeous girls, Erin and Evie and the loving wife of my husband Dan.

I’d say I’m bubbly, fun and pretty thoughtful. I love my family and friends and always try to have them at the heart of everything I do. Whether this be making home made pies (which I’m a genius at) or just putting secret love notes on their doorsteps when they are having a bad time. I’m forever making new friends - Dan sometimes pokes fun but the world is full of amazing people with so many qualities and to be honest I find people pretty fascinating. Especially old people, I have a reaaal soft spot for them and genuinely just adopt a need to care for them. I mean there is worse habits to have right?!

Photography has always been a passion of mine since a young girl. In fact, long before I’d even picked up a camera I’d spend hours cutting out magazine scraps, glueing and layering them up in scrapbooks to form a ‘not perfect picture’. I’m known to find beauty in things others struggle to see. My Imagination is huge and my mind runs away with me a lot of the time. ( Dans forever pulling me back to planet earth) I love trying things and learning, breaking rules and creating things that some wouldn’t think of. Living in my body can be exhausting as my brain never goes to sleep but I truly believe that a passion that keeps you feeling challenged and inspired every single day is definitely one worth having!

I specialise in lifestyle photography and love capturing real emotion and moments without to much photoshopping or staged thought. They for me are the special moments which you will hear me ramble on about a lot in my blogs and social media platforms.

Alongside photography I also have a business with my business partner Tash doing wedding videography and photography. Moonflower films was founded only last year yet we are absolutely flying and have made some incredible films I’m still amazed by every time I watch them. With a very very busy year ahead we believe we are different to the rest. We make real love stories come alive by using elements of a couples history and common interests to produce a film that only they could star in. Personal and sentimental is key and It’s allll in the details for us. We love couples that work with us to make something unique and out the box.

In any area that I work in nothing is impossible, so if you have an idea or vision on mind that you want to recreate through photo or film contact me. I’d absolutely love to make your dreams become reality and give you beautiful moments to have forever.

The reason behind my brand, my smile and my overflowing heart full love - My wildflowers